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While I did not uncover any hidden secrets or tricks in the website itself, I did find it odd they installed such a plugin for their Shopify store. It turns out that Galaxycove is hosted on Shopify. The code above is an attempt to prevent people from viewing their code, which just made me even more curious, what are Galaxycove trying to hide on their website? The projector is available directly from Bomaker from just under $1900 with an $800 discount when you use the coupon code POLARIS800 at checkout. Taking the projector out of the box, one thing stands out immediately: no logo is present on the product itself. It’s clear they only show the highly-rated ratings, possibly delete anything critical of their drop shipped projector and portray the image of a loved company shipping a great product. Galaxycove at every turn are trying to make themselves appear to be a company they are not. Allegedly whoever is running this company keeps changing their name, they were previously known as Luxavate. The Galaxycove website has a timer running every 1000 milliseconds (every second) with a debugger statement being called. They talk about being light experts and speaking as though they painstakingly designed and architected this themselves.

The black casing of this light projector and night light is sleek and contrasts the bright and shimmery display that it emits. Like most solutions to my problems these days, the idea to purchase a portable projector instead of a TV for my apartment came from TikTok. When I get a chance, I am going to open this projector up and see what the build and component quality is like on the inside. I still managed to get developer tools open and then encountered another trap attempting to block you from using your browser developer tools. It prevents text selection and keyboard shortcuts, but you can still open developer tools. Then try selecting any of the text on the site such as the product page here, text selection has been disabled, which is just weird. There is nothing proprietary here, just some basic HTML, CSS and Javascript for what is a product website. Upon closer inspection, I noticed on the back of the projector there is a model number SC511 which once again seemed odd. As it would turn out, a whole bunch of identical projectors show up using that model number, including a few on Amazon. This is the Galaxycove about us page where they show stock-looking photos of designer-looking people working on computers.

Star Galaxy LED Projector - Look at this link, it’s the same picture being used as the one on the Galaxycove about us page. If you look closely, you will also notice they put a weird blur over the mockups on the screen in their image. Could it be one of the best laptops, purely on its industrial design and a luxurious 4K screen? However, to do this it does need fairly ideal conditions, such as a big enough display screen and a strong level surface to be placed on. We didn’t have enough time to test this out, so I can’t vouch for that — stay tuned for our review to see if this claim holds true. That’s OK, though, because while Windows 10 works well enough in tablet mode, most apps are still optimized with keyboard and mouse input in mind. Are you reading to create a magical atmosphere at your place? You can control and adjust the brightness, freely turn on/off the lights, change the lighting mode and music songs, and easily set the atmosphere. You can control the music features and brightness control from its side panel, though the included remote also gives you access to the full range of visual effects.

No remote needed to control your own universe. The app forces you to put the volume down control on the left bud and the volume up on the right. Interestingly, this listing details some specifics down the bottom. Galaxy S3 is a mobile phone that holds a combination of high processing power and the smart operation system. We took it out of the cheap generic-looking box, we found a spare phone charger and plugged it in and waited for it to charge. Fortunately, I had a spare phone charger adapter lying about I could use. Another thing that frustrated early Pixel 3 buyers were the heavy discounts that followed shortly after launch, like a Black Friday deal that snipped $150 off the price of the month-old phone. Phone performance was spot-on. Assuming you’ll use the K Zoom as you would your current smartphone, capturing only the occasional still photo or video clip each day, you should do alright, but if you expect to snap hundreds of pictures each day on vacation, as many photographers do, the battery’s performance is unacceptable. The Galaxy Note 10 Lite meters light correctly when shooting in the day.