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Galaxy Jar drawing galaxy illustration HTC is expected to launch a new VR headset within the week, but some leaked images have spoiled the party. In early 2010, the Nexus One became the yardstick for all future Android handsets and, later that year, the launch vehicle for FroYo. The S10s also run Samsung’s new One UI — an updated software overlay that’s supposed to look cleaner and make big phones easier to use with one hand. The software will also facilitate any necessary firmware updates in the future. If you opt for the model featuring built-in Verizon LTE, your device will also be graced with a giant Verizon logo on the back. While many laptop makers held off on product refreshes — not to mention new notebook lines — till Intel’s Ivy Bridge CPUs were ready, Acer went ahead and released its Aspire V5 series back in March. You can get the Pro in blue, silver or gold, while the Pro 360 comes in bronze or blue. As you might expect from Sony, there’s support for nearly all the cutting-edge audio formats, including its own 360 Reality Audio, Hi-Resolution audio, and Dolby Atmos. Beyond the fast refresh rate, there’s a lot to like about the Moto Edge’s display.

Smart Data fo the Smart Cities and Smart Factories in the future Unless a developer goes out of its way to update a game for the Moto Edge’s display, as Epic Games did with Fortnite on the OnePlus and Samsung devices, you won’t see a benefit from the faster panel. Samsung isn’t new to the true wireless game. Samsung decided to tweak the facial mapping to make it more accurate, and it was partly successful. That the Fan Edition retains a lot of flagship style is especially nice, as Samsung had to make some tweaks here to keep costs down. Probably the most important part of a tablet is its screen, and the Galaxy Book is no letdown here. Samsung’s Galaxy Book doesn’t get anything totally wrong. Otherwise, there’s not a lot to differentiate the Galaxy Book from other Windows 10 devices. I can only think of one problem with the display: Its wide 16:10.7 aspect ratio makes holding the Galaxy Book in portrait an awkward experience. This $70 case is the only one Samsung makes for this device; if you want one with a keyboard built in, you’ll need to look for third-party accessories.

Oddly, Samsung notes isn’t a complete note-taking solution. In addition to a huge battery, large screen and generous onboard storage, Samsung taught the old S Pen a few new tricks that should make the stylus more useful to a wide audience. Usman said it is “a great device, a real head-turner” and is “glad that Samsung offers us a screen replacement program that won’t break the bank.” Jackal said they were glad they bought one, while Chris said that despite some initial skepticism, they “fell in love” with the revolutionary device. That is to say, you won’t have any complaints about the Flex’s full HD display in terms of color reproduction and vibrance. This wasn’t a big deal other than when I needed to edit photos for color temperatures. He was less thrilled that the keyboard wasn’t backlit by default, but you can pay $20 extra to get that. No matter – the Galaxy Nexus is proof that we can have our Ice Cream Sandwich and eat it too. Those looking for a well-designed, long-lasting and capable Android tablet will find the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite a satisfying option. Naturally, this sent prices up, and recently it’s been hard to find a Chromebook worth recommending that costs less than $500.

You’ll find a volume rocker and power button on the side to make adjusting things easier when in tablet mode. There’s a fan vent up top, along with a power switch and volume rocker. There are tons of cheap Chromebooks out there, but you are almost always trading design, power or display quality (or some combination of the three) to save money. It also popularized the convertible tablet category: touchscreen-driven devices you can hold in your hands that also have power and attachable keyboards for getting “real work” done. Keychron is known for making economical keyboards and James Trew says its newest offering, the Q1, is affordable, easy to customize and full-featured. Lenovo has lots of experience making two-in-one devices like this, so I have few build quality concerns here. The right side also houses two USB-C connections and a headphone jack, the only ports to be found here. I have two lines in it I can see, and it annoys me.” However, Gabriel found the display to be excellent, only losing marks “due to its lack of scratch resistance and the significant bezels surrounding it.” He added that “it does scratch easily – that is no rumor” but qualified it, saying “the scratches are light and completely invisible so far with the screen on.