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It is controlled using Kodak’s Luma App and works with both iPhone and Android, although the projector itself runs using Android programs (don’t worry, it will definitely work with your Apple products). But if you don’t want to spend quite that much, the Go Work are solid headphones — and a good headset — for the modest price. Apple’s AirPods Max noise-canceling headphones cost a whopping $549. Actors reveal a piece of themselves with every conversation, some scripted and others improvised. The Optoma CinemaX P2 is clearly a cool looking piece of kit, galaxy star projector and it’s not often you can say that about a projector. It’s here where things get even more impressive: using the color wheel on your device, it’s possible to slide through a variety of tones, from cool blue to warm fiery red. Ensuring even application of dye (the two biggest issues for DIYers). He added that past galactic collisions could have been the cause why these two groups of stars are separated in this way.

Our Sun takes about 240 million years to orbit the Milky Way once, in what is known as a galactic year (or cosmic year). This immersive theater sleepover officially opens today, and it costs way more than any typical vacation. So far, the only Wi-Fi 6E mesh router I’ve tested at the CNET Smart Home is the Netgear Orbi AXE11000, a quad-band system that costs a staggering $1,500 for a three-pack. A massive computer system is coordinating our activities on the back end, weaving layers of story together in real time, nudging guests in the right direction through a themed app with alerts on your phone — called a datapad in this universe. I also need to touch base with D3-09 in my room’s video-intercom system to make sure she’s doing OK (the droid seemed stressed out the last time we talked). Last year Microsoft revealed an astonishing prototype projector.

The cons would be cost, the LED bulb doesn’t last that long, and the room has to be completely dark for it to have good quality. The Encalife Atmosphere is an instant game changer for any room in the house. I’m in a living video game with multiple story paths. Technology plays a major part in making you believe you’re in a Star Wars story set in the outer rim of space, rather than a nondescript gray and white building in Florida outside the Hollywood Studios theme park. But if you don’t talk to the actors, if you don’t do side quests, if you don’t stay attached to your phone to catch all the messages, you won’t be invited to unique story moments, such as getting to fire weapons on the bridge to save the ship, or being called to help a hero sneak on board. Improv actors are buzzing about in makeup, getting stage direction from earpieces and remembering little details about what I’ve been up to. Even after we begin to travel again, these handy little projectors can be brought along for impromptu screenings or set up in living rooms and on front lawns to bring friends and family together for a super-sized movie night.

And I’m left in awe at how these actors aren’t exhausted every night as they stay “on” for the whole time, never breaking character even when they need some water. If you work hard enough, you may even uncover love stories! Not usually. If you have a flat, white wall, that will work just fine for projecting an image; if your wall is textured or painted a different color, you can always hang up a plain, white bedsheet. You don’t have to do everything to enjoy it. My expectations have been exceeded, I love this little gadget! The very first exercise is to face every single direction, North, South, East, and West, and little by little inhale and breathe out 9 instances, for a total of 36 breaths. This sleek little projector is just 4.4-inches square and 1 inch thick, galaxy star projector making it incredibly easy to slip into a or onto a nightstand or table. When choosing a retractable projector screen, there’s a choice between a manual or a motorized option. The unique “soda can” design is not only compact and portable but features a powerful, 360-degree omnidirectional speaker to pump out sound in every direction, so there’s not a bad seat in the house.

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