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You’ll notice that Group Play, S Translator, S Health, S Travel, S Voice, Smart Stay, S Memo, WatchOn, Samsung Link and the Samsung Hub are all there. It’s neater, quicker, and easier, but there is a serious downside: if the circuit is controlled by a switch, it needs to remain in the on position for everything to work. With the lights set up, it’s time to install the outlet to control a space heater to help on the coldest days. This will let me control the bulbs individually or together. The principles I will outline below apply to all types of projectors. GE Lighting offers both types. Mirroring the light-bulb set up, from the Cync app, I picked Plugs from the list of device types. Tapped the Set Up button. The plug has a blue light to show its status and an on/off button. For controlling a lamp, consider installing a dimmable smart plug. Installing a C by GE (aka Cync) smart bulb in an ceiling-mounted fixture.

Next, I climbed my ladder and screwed one of the smart bulbs into the room’s ceiling lighting fixture. Others can also dim the lights in a fixture plugged into them. I’m able to dim the lights with a horizontal slider, but the plug is an on/off affair. If the tester lights up, then the box is grounded. The app then asked what Group the plug should go into: “Kids’ Room” sounds right. The smart lightbulbs use Bluetooth directly, while the outlet uses Bluetooth to connect with the app and then Wi-Fi to control the device. Many Samsung and Philips bulbs use the Zigbee wireless protocol, which creates a mesh network but might need a hub to translate the signal, so that a phone or tablet can control everything. Because the app can control devices across multiple houses, I had to name my house. All told, it took about 10 minutes to set up the app and first bulb. I set up the second bulb in the same sequence. Although it is fairly expensive than the other 4K and 8K resolution screens of the same size, it is highly durable and offers superior picture quality.

That’s the same angle as on the Galaxy S10, and is about as wide as the human eye can see. Most of the phone’s backing sports the soft-touch finish, which is quite similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, though the bottommost part is done up in plastic and makes room for two tiny speaker grilles. The built-in 16W speakers also sound astonishingly good, and while they don’t fill a large room with sound, they come in handy if you’re using the projector in a portable setting. Those speakers, by the way, aren’t necessarily any larger than most, but they’re some of the loudest we’ve tested; regardless of which room in the house I was in, I could easily hear the music blaring. GE Lighting offers smart plugs that can turn small appliances on and off and other plugs that can dim a connected lamp as well as turn it on and off.

As small as it is, the upcoming laser projector-which will go on sale on Amazon in October-is still another thing you’ll have to carry around in addition to your phone. You’ll need to come to Cinema Pro with at least a passing understanding of what all those things do. I added my passcode. Although Samsung added some new tools to make the Watch 3 a more robust fitness companion, it still feels better suited for more casual users than competitive athletes. Want to know more about it? Casual users may not notice or care that it’s not up to par (although we believe that they’d be just as satisfied, if not more so, with the lower-priced Nexus 10). You can bet, though, that its overall performance will be a dealbreaker for power users and early adopters. At $800, the S21 is more reasonably priced than its stablemates. Priced at $700 a pop, these electric, motorized skates are basically Segways for your feet. The result is a projection on the ceiling that’s bright and sharp (the optics in this planetarium are from German optics brand Bresser, which makes binoculars, telescopes and microscopes).

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