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At Pluto’s temperatures, water-ice behaves more like rock,’ said deputy GGI lead Professor Bill McKinnon of Washington University, St. Louis. This may cause us to rethink what powers geological activity on many other icy worlds,’ says GGI deputy team leader Dr John Spencer of the Southwest Research Institute. Nasa says some other process must be generating the mountainous landscape. “I got to see all of these disconnected corners of art in Rochester,” Barron says. But where is the space — both physically and creatively — for artists and art that is outside of what’s playing in Los Angeles or New York City? Whether playing music or playing God with your lighting, it’s superbly simple to use – and techno-lamps have a rather neat second function. Hearing a robot voice from a plant pot say, ‘I am thirsty’, then peering over to see that it’s gone a brownish colour and is basically pleading for its life (via a speaker on the worktop) makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine – not to the future, but back to that distant time when Woody Allen made funny films, such as his sci-fi classic Sleeper.

Shine on, you crazy diamond. The next generation, grasping the sparkling light. Happy Birthday, America… and many more. Each can play its own tracks, or in ‘party mode’, you can make every room in the house play the same music – useful for parents who wish to impose a certain mood, such as a light sprinkling of terror when it’s homework time. More than three decades after Mario first leapt on to a mushroom’s head, it’s surprising anyone can make a 2D coin-collecting game that isn’t soul-sappingly dull. It’s also horribly depressing, as players betray one another constantly to nick cans of food. I’m in a London flat, where a lamp by the TV flashes purple to warn its owner he’s been mentioned on Twitter, and a robot voice reads out messages from sensors (like the one hidden in the plant pot) in a tone that’s almost as lifeless as the shipping forecast. Any light in a room that’s not created by the projector is going to reduce image quality.

Having honed his gadget-wrangling skills at Cambridge Audio, he’s created something that’s part multi-room music system, and part home-controlling wizardry – all crammed into a £200 device that looks a bit like a toaster. Design-wise, the AWOL LTV-3500 has a modern design that is a bit more outspoken than the Wemax, but it doesn’t look as outlandish as some other UST projectors. All the modes also scored well for black level, contrast, and sense of three-dimensionality, but I preferred Bright Cinema because it rated just a bit higher than the others overall, particularly for contrast. Picking a garden cinema set-up is about identifying the features you need, choosing the right equipment, being mindful of your budget and staying on the right side of your neighbours. It’s also one of only ten side quests and errands that actually need to be tackled to unlock the platinum trophy for Horizon Forbidden West, with the “Recovered Alva’s Data” trophy being one of several rewards that players get for completing the quest. Nasa scientists are hoping to send the New Horizons to one of two Kuiper Belt Objects (KBOs) which sit around a billion miles beyond Pluto. The Kuiper Belt is a freezing ring of debris orbiting more than 4 billion miles from the sun.

Dr Jane Greaves, an astrophysicist at St Andrews University who has studied the atmosphere of Pluto, explained the theme may have been inspired by Pluto’s distance from the sun. Due to the painfully slow data link between Earth and the spacecraft, over a distance of nearly three billion miles, it will take New Horizons until 2016 before it has sent back everything it recorded. This image was taken by New Horizons and sent back shortly before it started its final approach towards the dwarf planet yesterday. As New Horizons begins to send back the first images of the Pluto system, there is a growing, and rather dark, list of names for the features scientists expect to see in them. Although none of the names have been officially adopted, they have been put forward as part of a proposal submitted to the International Astronomical Union by scientists at the SETI Institute as part of a public campaign called Our Pluto. Put them on a timer, and you’ll (hopefully) keep burglars in grotty leisurewear from creeping into your house while you’re out.

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