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As the projection system is using lasers instead of an LED or bulb, the device can be kept within a small housing, due to the fact it generates far less heat – there’s no need to tuck a fan away in with the rest of the internals. As it’s using a laser projection system, with its beam hardly spreading as it leaves the device, it’s incredibly good at keeping in focus, no matter the image size. With laser projection and portable functionality, it offers a great marriage of form and function too. The adhesive is so strong that it took a great deal of strength and finesse to pry the cover off the tablet, so it’s something you won’t want to attach lightly. Sony’s image-slinger has similar overall specs, including mini-HDMI in, a battery life of around two hours, and the ability to stream video from a phone, tablet, or laptop over Wi-Fi. I can accept that a laptop with a 4K display won’t last 10 hours. Here today we’re looking at the last of the Three Musketeers: the T-Mobile version. Now that Google has launched the Pixel 4a (at last) for just $350, I might actually be convinced: the time for midrange phones to reign is nigh.

The good news is that note-taking in Google Keep is near lag-free, which hasn’t always been the case. Given the form factor, it’s surprisingly good. It’s quite the claim, but with the Nebra Anybeam sat in the palm of your hand, it’s definitely making a good attempt – it’ll easily fit into all but the tightest of pockets, measuring just 19 x 60 x 103mm, and weighing a mere 140g. It makes not only transporting the projector easy, but placing it for a viewing session simple too, as it takes up so little space. The Nebra Anybeam can display 720p resolution images and videos up to 150 inches in size, depending on the distance it’s placed from the surface it is beaming onto. Just be sure to avoid using legacy connections like Scart and composite video, neither of which can handle high-definition or any kind of upscaled video. Connections are eye-catchingly numerous, too. As a reminder, disabling the LED notification light means there are no visual indicators of any kind. There are so many things that you can look forward to while communicating through a mobile phone in various ways.

But it’s also a glimpse at the near-term future, when mobile devices are likely to have their own built-in projectors. Moreover, if you’re completely obsessed with getting the highest resolution possible, only TVs can offer you 8K resolution – 8K projectors for the home are still essentially non-existent. Digital connections – today’s standard – are HDMI and DVI, which are considered the highest quality connections. If frame interpolation is used on its highest setting, you may see flicker and ‘rips’ around any element of the picture that moves quickly (such as around actors’ heads or limbs), so it’s usually best experimented with on a mid-strength setting. It lends a video-like smoothness to Blu-ray discs – essentially creating a higher frame rate – that’s initially very appealing, although it can introduce some nasty artefacts. You’ll notice judder most obviously when the camera pans slowly from left to right, especially in Blu-ray discs. Power and volume keys are off on the right, while a micro-USB port is predictably down at the base. We’d hope to see one complete with its own battery power built in should a second iteration ever make it to market. But it’s powered over a simple microUSB connection, meaning even a laptop can keep it juiced – the fact we’re at a stage where a projector can be powered by a portable charger alone (power consumption here is listed as low as 3 watts) is a marvel in itself.

However, that’s where the lasers and the sharper resolution come into play: Lasers have a low luminous flux (measured in lumens), but they have very high luminous intensity (measured in candelas). Of course, the hefty price tag does not come without reason. Embrace this – it works – and is another reason why projecting onto a wall is underwhelming. The whiter and flatter the wall, the better (any blemishes on the wall will both be lit-up, and cast shadows, which can look awful), though do expect to lose significant detail, as well as some brightness. One night, Biden wandered into a room where a huge video screen covered the wall. If there’s one thing the pandemic has cemented into everyone’s behaviour, is the dying need to Netflix and chill. The worst thing about the GS III? Instead of competing against the usual PC makers like Dell, HP, Lenovo and ASUS, Samsung focused on making more mobile-friendly machines. It’s a laser projector, which helps make it slimmer, quieter, and sharper than competing LED and DLP pico projectors. Projector screens always have a black edge all around, which helps give your brain the illusion of better contrast. Big is definitely better. If the cinema experience is what you’re lacking, then don’t worry, Samsung has got your back.

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