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This is a free service that allows users to augment their coverage in spotty areas and place unlimited calls without affecting their monthly minute allotment — not too shabby, and you can only find it on T-Mobile’s version. While we can’t speak to the performance of the 3G or LTE versions when constantly connected to a mobile network, the WiFi-only version makes it through between two and two and a half days of light to moderate usage, and between a day and a day and a half of heavier use; ultimately, it wasn’t as good as the first Note 10.1. In our rundown test, in which we play a locally stored HD movie on an endless loop, our tablet only squeezed out seven and a half hours each time, which isn’t unheard of for a high-end slate but still lower than we were expecting. If you take out the star film, you can use this night light as a normal night lamp as well. Coming up next, we have yet another high-end star projector option from Merece LED which has quite a unique design and is highly durable as well.

Speaking of inputs, this projector offers plenty of them. Speaking of the lighting effects, this projector works in 3 different modes. Apart from that, this star projector supports Bluetooth, so you can use that to play music from your mobile phone directly. Our personal favorite lighting effect from this star projector is the nebula lighting as it creates quite a comforting atmosphere in the entire room. This star projector comes with a unique football design that looks very attractive. On top of that, the brand also offers a lifetime warranty for this night light, which makes it one of the best star lights to consider. Samsung’s impressive new water-resistant Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones are premium high end devices loaded with features, and one that many love is the notification LED light above the screen. Since it has 4 LED light lamps, it can project up to 13 lighting effects in total.

They use the LED system of lighting which is of very good quality. This projector night light can change the interiors of any room with its attractive 9 color lighting effects. This is a highly affordable option, yet the build quality of this star projector is quite impressive. Since this night star light is highly advanced, it also comes with a remote control that allows you to set a timer for this night light. In addition, the remote also allows you to adjust the volume levels of the in-built speakers and other music playback controls as well. Maybe your space allows you to mount the projector anywhere you want on the ceiling. The projector relies on Android TV, and that makes it very easy to set up software-wise. Right now if you’re looking for an Epson laser TV, you’re looking at the Epson EpiqVision Ultra LS500 Laser Projection TV (yes, it’s a mouthful). The Laser Stars are fully adjustable. Although it’s a bit expensive as compared to other options, its features are interesting and it is even covered under a 1 year long warranty also. Google’s software prowess makes its camera shine, helps its battery last longer and delivers unique features like Live Caption and on-device Recorder transcription.

Videos can be recording with 8 MP camera at 1080p (30 fps). Since so many good night light options are available in the market, you can consider this option from HODO Teosky as this is dedicatedly meant for kids who don’t like to sleep in the dark. Unlike other star lights, this one can project up to 72 different lighting effects which are more than any other option in this list. For those of you who are looking for an affordable gift choice for kids, you should definitely check out the SnowCinda Star Projector Night Light as it’s attractive light effect will surely be loved by everyone. Apart from that, the best part about this night star projector is that it comes with a lifetime warranty! This time, we have a pretty unique star light option from BAILONGJU that is different from all the other night lights listed on this list. Hence, using this light is pretty simple as it works just by plugging into any USB port.

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