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white ceramic plate with stainless steel spoon and fork Samsung, meanwhile, gave the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra a laser sensor to help with that 108MP sensor’s focusing, which was slightly unreliable on the Galaxy S20 Ultra (spoiler alert: the Note 20 Ultra’s auto-focusing improves from the S20 Ultra but it’s still a bit wonky compared to other top phones). In addition to the now standard wide, ultra-wide, zoom triple focal length set-up, each device has an additional sensor: the iPhone 12 Pro Max sports a LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor which is mainly used for AR tech, but Apple also says it helps with focusing at night (spoiler alert: I compared the 12 Pro Max against the standard iPhone 12 without LIDAR and could not see a difference in focusing prowess). See the difference when we zoom into the face mask. The unofficial summer kickoff is here and, even though Memorial Day weekend has barely started, we’re already starting to see gadgets discounted across the web. The point is Apple wants night mode to take over automatically without the user even noticing; whereas pretty much all Android phones still require you to manually select night mode. Whenever I point both phones at moving cars and hit the shutter button at the same time, the vehicle is always further along in the shot in the Note 20 Ultra’s shot – because the photo was taken a split-second later than the 12 Pro Max’s.

Inner Cafe Perhaps because the iPhone 12 Pro Max needed to use computational tricks (night mode) to produce the shot whereas the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra could just snap the shot with its larger image sensor, Samsung’s shot is slightly superior when it comes to balance – the neon “Petix and chill” sign is a bit blown out on the 12 Pro Max. You can use auto mode, which switches to slo-mo when it detects motion in a particular area of the frame. There is also no form of a Rec.709/sRGB picture mode, and for costing nearly two grand I think that this is a weird omission. Since the iPhone 12 Pro Max turned on night mode, it beats the Note 20 Ultra’s regular shot. Apple, meanwhile, released four iPhones this fall but claimed significant hardware improvements only for the largest iPhone 12 Pro Max model – namely a “sensor shift” technology that resembles IBIS (in-body image stabilization) tech used in “real” cameras, and a larger image sensor.

Over the past couple of years, Chinese phone brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi have been stuffing the spec sheet with more pixels, larger sensors and more lenses, while Samsung and Apple played it safe and stuck with camera hardware that seemed pedestrian on paper. Apple did not reveal the exact size of its image sensor, but teardowns have revealed that it’s large by Apple standards, but still small compared to what Samsung and Huawei are rocking. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s main camera sensor measures 1/1.33″, making it the second-largest sensor (the Huawei P40 Pro and Huawei Mate 40 Pro edges it out with a 1/1.28″) in smartphones. Even though us phone geeks know there are more than a handful of brands that put out great premium smartphones, to the average consumer their only real options appear to still be Apple and Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy i7500 applies OS Android v1.6 (Donut) that is originally Android 1.5. It is can be increased to Android 2.3 (unofficial). It speedily recognized taps and swipes as I navigated Android and offered smooth scrolling in Chrome.

I might be interested in switching to this, as the Nebula’s version of Android TV is old, buggy, and poorly supported. The Homestar Classic works best when it’s placed in the very center of the room, with the projection being the clearest when it hits the center of the ceiling, but despite this, the lights spread out to illuminate the entire room, setting the mood for a fun night. Aside from enabling the tricks mentioned above, one of the best ways to make sure you get all of your important notifications is with a smartwatch. In general, Apple’s image processing is superior in finding the best balance in dynamic range, but the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s images are slightly sharper as it has more pixels to play with (even factoring in the pixel-binning that takes place). To even the playing field, I took another shot with the Note 20 Ultra’s night mode on, and here it becomes much closer – the plant is still better lit in Apple’s photo, but it also blows out the light coming from inside the apartment. Basically, without fail, the first few times I’d try it, the Galaxy Buds would read the triple tap as a double tap, or even a single tap.

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