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In what seems to be a staple of every LEGO Advent Calendar, this year we’re getting yet another E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster for Day 4. This one is on the more intricate side compared to previous models, and gets the job done for recreating the weapon that’s made appearances throughout the Star Wars canon. The build leaves a lot up to the imagination, but seems like it would be right at home as part of the Trouble on Tatooine set from earlier in the year. Even so, it’s always nice to have another one of these Tatooine inhabitants in your collection, especially if you’re looking to add some extra play features to the Trouble on Tatooine set from earlier in the year. While not unique to this set, the secret agent Avenger hasn’t been the most common in Marvel sets as of late, so this is quite a nice inclusion for anyone who hasn’t brought this figure to their collections already. The build is nothing unique to this set, with the same head, torso, and leg printing we’ve seen countless times over the past few years. Making for the first festive build from the set, this 19-piece creation assemble a snow-covered tree complete with a gem star on top.

Considering Tony Stark was a a big fan of cheeseburgers, it’s no surprise to see that element of the build included here. All in all, it’s hard to beat builds like Day 9’s here with both Marvel theming and some festive cues, too. While not all too festive for the holiday season, it’s always hard to beat getting another one of these troopers to your collection. It may not be festive, but hard to beat in my book! However, you may require an extra-long HDMI cable to reach from your source to the projector, which will be expensive, and less reliable the longer it is. Projector SuperStore is your number one on-line source for presentation equipment, projectors, projector accessories, projection screens and more. The only lags I encountered had more to do with waiting for Bixby to finish thinking than general performance. Bixby aside, the Watch Active chugged along smoothly for the most part, thanks to its dual-core Exynos 9110 CPU. For the most part, it scores very heavily in terms of specifications. And for Day 9 of the LEGO City Advent Calendar, we have a miniature Monster Truck build. Serving as something of a miniature expansion to 2019’s Iron Man Hall of Armor, today’s build assembles a single section complete with a festive wreath.

Continuing with assembling various stations in the Hall of Armor, we now how have quite the crucial element of any setup – a gift wrapping station. Just over a week into the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, and we’re now getting the second minifigure! Giving us the second minifigure from the City Advent Calendar, Day 7 here is assembling yet another named character from LEGO City Adventures. Giving us the second minifigure from the Marvel LEGO Advent Calendar, Day 4 is assembling Black Widow! It also keeps up the pattern we saw previously of including a minifigure accessory clipped to the back, with the police car including a pair of handcuffs to use. Kicking things off for Day 6, the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar is including quite the notable miniature model. That’s right, just a miniature grill. This one stacks up to the same miniature facade we’ve seen in previous installments so far, and has a pretty straightforward design. The ports selections are the same across the 13- and 15-inch models, which is a nice touch. In all seriousness though, today’s build is actually pretty nice. If the red and white color scheme wasn’t enough, there’s a little bandage element clipped to the back to really drive home just what this build is supposed to be.

While we saw a playscale version released earlier this year, this is a fun little inclusion for the holiday countdown. If your child is a little too young for bedtime, then this lamp is the perfect solution. The star sky Night Lamp for Baby Gifts is one of the Best baby night light projectors. The biggest thing is that the model mixes things up from the usual tan design we’ve come to expect from the vehicle, opting for a light blue coat of paint that’s quite eye-catching. Is a Star Night Light Projector Good for Baby? Q: What is the sky projector that is on TickTock? In order for you to be able to enjoy the film on a home cinema evening or not be disturbed by loud background noise during a presentation, your projector should not generate more than 30 dB. Still, I can’t wait to start seeing some more enjoyable builds later on in the countdown.

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