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The 13-inch models of both laptops have a sharp 12.9mm profile, while the 15-inch variants come in at 14.9mm. I particularly loved the gorgeous blue hue they’re available in, and there’s also a silver color option that’s not as eye-catching but is still nice. You’re getting 800 lumens max brightness while plugged in, though this does drop to 600 lumens when running on battery – fine for dark, outdoor settings, though you’ll undoubtedly fare better with the former setting. The handset itself is running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and is enhanced by the easy to use TouchWiz user interface from the manufacturer, offering simple drag and drop functionality for widgets and onscreen control, along with onscreen keyboards and a vivid display measuring 3.65 inches. Designed as an all-rounder but with relatively simple optics, the BenQ TK810 casts a mid-sized shadow measuring 38cm across and nearly 13cm tall. The BenQ TK810 can currently be had in the UK for as little as £1,049. As a consequence, albeit only on really close inspection, fonts are just a little aliased.

I’m all for phones that won’t strain your hands or your wrists, but the S10e is so light it feels a little insubstantial at times. BlissLights Sky Lite is a top of the line room star projector that serves as a multipurpose device for creating a cosmos in your room and also serves as a night light. You can use it for your date nights to have a candlelight dinner under a sky filled with beautiful stars, planets and nebulae in your own house or apartment. The latter is probably more of a fringe use case. Some of them run Android directly, others let you use a cable or wireless screen mirroring to get the image from your phone on the wall. The BenQ TK810 comes bundled with a WiFi dongle and ready to connect wirelessly to Android and iOS devices, plus Apple Mac and Windows PCs. I am sure the first problem that comes to the mind of anyone who has used a projector screen is light. For the Free Willy fan who has everything, may we suggest this modestly priced (for billionaires, that is) killer whale submarine? A trip to the cinema may be off the cards at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on some big-screen action.

Other true wireless earbuds I’ve tried pause when you remove one or the other, which means you can quickly pull one out to listen to or respond to people and then resume your music. With a press of a button, you can convert a darkened room into your private planetarium, outdoor christmas projector after choosing between two image discs: star field or Earth / moon / sun views. A 13-megapixel ultra-wide that captures a 136-degree field of view.8 aperture and a 13-megapixel ultra-wide that captures a 136-degree field of view. Anyway, all of the above is controlled by a handy IR remote and leaves just one significant aspect of the BenQ TK810 to discuss, its optics. Where this type of projector doesn’t quite tick the productivity box involves optics. The PX747 isn’t as color accurate as some of the other projectors on this list, and the keystone adjustments leave a lot to be desired – but at the end of the day, you’re getting a 4K HDR projector for barely $1,000. The Vava 4K projector proves to be one of the best projectors on the market today, with a bright projection and the beginnings of HDR capability.

But what of Sony’s projectors? The cutout is off in a corner where your eyes never really linger for long anyway, and because of the hole’s placement, I find it much easier to tolerate than big notches that eat into the top of a display. At $399 for the base 16GB WiFi model, users are getting the same 7.9-inch form factor with a 2,048 x 1,536 display and Apple’s new A7 chip (the same as in the iPhone 5s), making it a strong rival to the G Pad. Note 5. It has exactly the same internals, but it’s easier to hold and a bit more useful, thanks to the new S Pen stylus. Such has been the progress of mainstream projector tech, many conventional multimedia models will double up nicely as presentation and productivity machines thanks to strong brightness and a really broad feature set. The broader feature set generally works well, too. If your plants react well, then you can try to gradually reduce the height down to 24 inches. Displays can also vary in terms of style. The Samsung Galaxy i7500 has skinny and also modest style with merely 11.9 mm thin and 115 x 56 x 11.9 mm measurement.