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It’s not only fun for drawing self-portraits or scribbling down notes but also helpful for signing urgent PDFs. That extra 15% vertical up or down makes placement of the UHZ65 easier, though horizontal lens shift would make it much easier still. Although it’s likely to remain as the centrepiece to any 4K home entertainment setup, the UHZ65 relocates pretty easily. However, if you want an ultra bright media room projector able to do justice to sports, gaming and movies, rather than a dedicated home theatre model, then the EH-LS100 positively demands an audition. To that end, you don’t need a large room and unobstructed view to cast a monster image. If your living room is ready for a projector, and you’ve got the cash to spare, it makes sense to push through with the purchase now. Are we really ready to abandon light bulbs for lasers? They consume minimal power due to the use of high-energy efficient LED bulbs and thereby save operational costs.

Well, if all you care about is getting a high-performance phone with great cameras that won’t strain your pocket or your wallet, the answer is a definitive “yes.” The S10e is the best “small” Android phone we’ve tested in a really long time, and the blend of power and polish here means you can safely splurge and not worry about upgrading for a while. While you’re unlikely to suffer from any keystone issues, there is some geometric correction on offer to square the image up if you need it. It couldn’t be easier to get the EH-LS100 up and running: Simply position the projector square to your wall, and use the focus lever, located under a latch by the air filter, to make everything sharp. Overall, the audio can get a little midsy, but not overly so. In terms of audio, while you can find standard 3.5mm inputs and outputs for audio on-board, for the UHZ65 has its own basic sound system. Children can ride on one of the farm’s friendly ponies and meet alpacas, rabbits and the resident spotted African owl in the animal petting area, while parents enjoy a drink at the Sundowner Bar. Let’s get one thing out of the way: The EH-LS100 is Full HD.

It might be blue, or red, or orange, but, even when the phone is switched off, it just stays on, full bright, burning your precious battery life! In this case, while you might technically be able to choose any projector you want, you should consider mounting the projector as close to the screen as you comfortably can. While the end result of a TV and a projector is the same, the setups, technologies, and advantages of each are quite different. All inputs are recessed under the projector, so don’t expect to be casually plugging HDMIs in and out. With a lower brightness, you don’t necessarily have to cool the projector as much – and we found that the fan noise in this projector was actually relatively quiet. It’s better, to be sure, but don’t expect to get an ultra cinematic experience just because you’re viewing in HDR mode. While it works from just 6cm, pull back to 50 cm and you’ll get an image 130-inches across. Although you’ll probably get better sound if you use an external mic, lavalier or even an attached boom, outdoor christmas projector I wanted to see how the S20 Ultra’s internal mics performed. Otherwise, you may be better served with a brighter multimedia projector, even if you plan to use it in a home theater setting.

On the other hand, TVs require more effort and better processing to produce the best color, thereby driving up the price. However, at this high price we had expected there to be a motorised auto-focus and zoom system. However, it’s another unexpected feature that’s got nothing to do with astronomy that really makes this a standout. Some might bemoan the fact it’s not 4K, but that would seriously ramp up the cost of a projector like this. This might not be an issue when you’ve got your rowdy mates round for a big match, but it’s overly intrusive if you just want to watch a movie. Pause my music but refused to change the song title or album art on the watch. She was more impressed with how accurately and quickly it registered her walking, and she liked that the watch tracks 95 different workouts. Optoma’s UHZ65 is not the everyman 4K projector that’s currently in fashion, but rather an attempt to create a more luxe version for those who can afford it. Playing through Dragon Age Inquisition, Forza Horizon and Bloodborne felt all the more immersive. Not only that, but once you do start playing content, that content will easily drown out fan noise to where you won’t really notice it.