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While the EF12 performs well on the sound front, it falls down when it comes to gaming. Bouncing the beam off the ceiling, the overhead cast a spotlight down upon a reddish oriental rug in an empty corner of the room. It was on that rug that we Club members would gather in a circle, assembled around The Aristotle as though it were a campfire. We gave him a home on a table near the door of the classroom, and brandishing him in homeroom, I announced that philosophical questions could be anonymously submitted to ‘Aristotle’ for consideration by the Philosophy Club. I needed a way for students to be able to submit philosophical questions anonymously for the club’s discussion. Can you still hear the metallic cling of the blaster rifles or the way R2-D2 chipped and chirped? “Children of this age,” he observed, “still seem to have a sense of wonder and their minds are still uncluttered by other things.” Twenty-four pages later in that same volume, Professor Richard Taylor described the origins of the “irrefutable ethics” – the uncompromising unproven beliefs – of his adult students: “… As spectacular as the LSP9T’s pictures are most of the time, though, they don’t completely escape the issues associated with the still relatively new world of laser projection.

These projectors can offer the same quality as a wall mounted video projector, but they weigh much less than the typical projector and are easily portable. The wall beside us was covered with images of well-known philosophers, notably an alarmingly confused-looking Sartre. In other words, you can lookout for a 50-inch bright picture on your ceiling or the lounge wall and the company promises that one can view it even outdoors! Despite their apparent contradiction, both views seem plausible in relation to commonly held beliefs about children: they are highly susceptible to suggestion, even indoctrination, and yet they also demonstrate a greater sense of wonder and openness to new ideas than adults do. These three, the VPL-VW870ES, VPL-VW790ES and VPL-VW760ES are the same size as they use the same chassis, and all three weigh around 20kg/44lbs. Sony laser models are heavier. Who Doesn’t Like a Good Laser? A remote control runs the show and includes speed control and color adjustments, like single- or multicolored modes. The scene optimiser does a good job here as well, due to which photo capture speed may reduce a bit, depending on the available light. I was once told that the best philosophical questions are those that, due to their seeming simplicity, people are often embarrassed to pose.

Maybe the attraction of a Pixel phone is the software smarts, or maybe cutting-edge specs are less important for Google. I never felt like it’s a particularly attractive phone. Its sub-pixels are awkwardly spaced out in a PenTile matrix, just like the first Galaxy S. When you zoom back out to a normal viewing distance, that arrangement of sub-pixels generally results in grainier or fuzzier images. You’ll find that most devices are high definition now, which is great, but you’ll also want the native resolution to be as high as possible. In Issue 43 of Philosophy Now, teacher Michael Brett of Lochinvar House School in Potters Bar, England, wrote about overseeing a group of 12-year-old students who had recently completed a paper on Plato. As the weeks passed, the original clot of seventeen students turned into a dedicated group of eight or nine who showed up regularly. Meanwhile, casual viewers who want a projector they can pop-up at home, in their yard, or on camping trips may be just as satisfied with a more affordable, slightly dimmer option.

Flat screen televisions have many advantages, mainly the ability to be placed anywhere in a home, without restrictions. The next step was to switch off the lights and ignite the overhead projector, aiming it not at the pull-down screen but at the ceiling of the classroom. Andrew, perhaps intending to use his jar for a future creature habitat, had left it stored in his locker outside my classroom. The seventeen shuffled in and sat on top of the desks arrayed in a crescent around my classroom. I began to write on a white board, listing various activities I thought a Philosophy Club could undertake: column in the school newspaper, sponsorship of debates, an essay contest. After all, this was an American high school – albeit a rigorous, progressive, independent school – but a high school nonetheless. High school is a time and a place where embarrassment is felt most acutely, perhaps. Freshman Biology conducts a lab where the students house a slug among lettuce and various other roughage in a jar for a week, during which time they carefully observe its behavior. Soon the jar was full of impossibly folded scraps of notebook or graph-paper bearing all sorts of questions – “Is the world very big or very small?

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