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For example, streaming films or programmes requires a stable bandwidth provided by a wired connection to the internet. For example, Epson and Sony are actively improving the promising 4K e-shift technology. For several years now, the market has shown a steady increase in the popularity of laser UST (Ultra Short Throw) projectors, which are placed in the living room instead of a traditional TV. If the cinema room has windows, automated blinds will reduce glare when you’re watching films, and will help with acoustics too, especially if matched with thick, lined curtains. Rows of armchairs will create a more formal effect, while more informal groupings of sofas and armchairs will help fashion a more multi-purpose space for entertaining. The answer to this question will determine the amount of seating, and therefore, the space, you need. A multi-purpose cinema room with sofa seating, dimmable lights, projector, room projector screen and surround sound will start at around £10,000.

Upholstered walls do a good job of absorbing sound. Slimline TVs are easy to mount on walls. Installation of most projectors is quite easy as they are designed to simply sit on a level surface. The reason is, a normal project is placed about two feet away from the projection surface of the display. Transform any room in your living space instantly with the Galaxy Projector, an easy plug & play installation that casts an ethereal orchestra of the night sky onto each surface light can contact. Part of the beauty of building your own home cinema room is that you have complete control over how you’ll furnish it. ‘At the very minimum you’ll want to include a high-quality screen, speakers, an AV receiver, mood lighting, a dedicated control system, and comfortable seating,’ says Robin Bailey, from GadgetMyPad. If you’ve only got £2,000 to £3,000 to spend, you can create a basic room with a good TV, A/V receiver, speakers and control. And, even more so than for a TV, a projector’s performance is impacted by the room environment and the size and type of screen you pair with it.

What you do here will be largely down to your budget, whether you’re renovating an entire house and starting from scratch, or adding your home cinema room to an existing system. Once they’re out of the way, players can continue their ascent, which will eventually lead them to a mass of debris with two removable metal beams sticking out of it. Start by drawing two lines from the estimated seated position to the edges of the estimated screen size; this is your viewing angle, which should ideally be no smaller than 33-35° to 40° maximum (any larger and you will feel uncomfortably close to the screen; any smaller and it will feel more like a TV-watching experience than a home cinema treat). Most cinema rooms use 5.1 surround sound: the ‘five’ represents the five satellite speakers (three around or behind the screen (left, right and centre), and two at the rear of the room); the ‘one’ is the subwoofer, galaxy night light which provides the low-pitched frequencies or bass. All this will, of course, be more difficult to get right in a multi-purpose room.

It is more important to get the light levels right in a room with a projector, so ensure window dressings block light effectively. In it, he used his to project videos of an aquarium, a clock and a tropical window scene onto his bedroom wall. It’s not your typical portable outdoor projector, and it requires a solid mount to project the type of quality image you’d expect. A high-quality projector will ensure that everyone in the room can see the projected image clearly and that you can use it for any type of presentation. ‘One of the most important questions to ask yourself is whether it will truly be a dedicated home cinema or a multi-purpose room capable of transforming from a beautiful living environment into a private cinema,’ say Mike Beatty at Pulse, consultants for the luxury home cinema market. For a romantic mood, red lighting is your best bet, while blue and green can help transform your room into a zen environment. Seats will, undoubtedly, be comfortably upholstered, too – another good way to help with acoustics. The specks of light projected onto the ceiling give the illusion of being close enough to touch the Milky Way. The only way to go is with a projector.

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