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In large venue projectors, SDI-the standard video transport used in broadcast television-is common because it offers simpler cabling, is easier to route and switch, and supports longer cable runs than HDMI. This provides users with a better experience for enjoying movies, gaming and photo or video editing. For the first time in my life, I’m actually sort of enjoying TouchWiz. When the Galaxy Buds Live first broke cover, the jokes about their bean-like design were a dime a dozen. Samsung has always had aspirations to build up a whole world (or, er, Galaxy) for its users to live in, just like Apple. I have an Anker/Nebula version of one of these mini projector/speaker things and it’s one of the best things I throw in my suitcase when I travel (er, when I traveled). As you might expect from an ultra short throw projector, installation is stress free. If you’re buying a high-end projector, you should set aside a little cash for some decent speakers too – especially if you plan on using your new projector in a home theater setup.

Took this photo at a local furniture store. For example, home theater and multimedia projectors are very similar. Other parts of the script are not necessarily guaranteed but are safe bets. Its rugged surface is reminiscent of a star in the night sky, boasting incredible detail guaranteed to steal the show whenever guests come over to play. It is the sound that makes the theater come alive. There’s a variety of audio sound presets, Movie, Music, Sport, Night and Game. The Game mode has better latency than its predecessor, which is handy if you intend to hook up a console. While not as bright as its predecessor, Optoma’s original CinemaX P1, it’s bright enough to be used in rooms with some ambient light, although it’s at its best in dark room conditions. Animation is particularly ravishing, while nature documentaries feel far larger than life. Why We Like It: As far as projectors go, this one gets full marks for its calming effects and quiet sleep environment for kids. It’s the thing that allows you to connect your phone to a bigger screen like a TV or a monitor and get a full desktop interface. The P2 loses points for the OS, then, but it’s relatively easy to plug in a streaming stick to replace the apps and interface on offer.

It’s also smart in the connected sense: the main home screen offers access to a settings menu, input source and small selection of apps. Optoma is even promoting the CinemaX P2 as a tool for distance learning and working from home. With everything in place, I sat back on my couch, a mere six feet away from the screen, and enjoyed my first home projector experience: the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. While some models are designed to withstand temperatures as low as 30 degrees below Fahrenheit, others are less robust, so make sure to check first before purchasing. Here’s the script. Samsung will be the first major Android maker out of the gate with Qualcomm’s newest chips, this time with the Snapdragon 888. Samsung will use its unseemingly immense marketing budget and longstanding carrier relationships to ensure it will be seen as the default option if you want a premium Android phone – especially if you are making that purchase in a US carrier store.

There’s a variety of display modes to choose from (Cinema, HDR simulation, Reference, Bright and User), but for most content, Cinema became our default. Thankfully, it paints HDR well enough, avoiding that unwanted image darkening that some HDR projectors succumb to. The HDR Dynamic setting is the only out of the box option that delivers really punchy, bold colors; the rest can all look a bit insipid. However, if you want an all-around set well-suited for both music and podcasts, you’ll want to look elsewhere. If you want to make it grow fast and healthy, then this light is going to help you. It is eminently transportable and can be moved around, great if you have a small flat or live upstairs and want to have immersive cinema-like experiences at home, The size of your screen can be changed within seconds and there’s little chance that you will “walk in front of it”. This form factor makes it ideal for a small den or media room, when you might otherwise struggle to deliver such immersive visuals.