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As you can see above, the benchmark scores are nothing to scoff at. Of course, nothing needs to stop you from attaching a projection screen to your ceiling if you insist on faultless picture quality. While I don’t really care about being able to flip the screen around, the Galaxy Chromebook excels as a more traditional laptop. The BlissLights mobile app makes it easy to cycle through light effects with just the tap of a screen. You can also use the BlissLights app to create custom lighting patterns that let you see your space in a light of entirely your own making. It works perfectly — it’s all very easy to use buttons and instructions. Samsung also brought the updated version of its Notes app to the Book Pro series, so you can use new features like PDF annotations and voice recordings on your laptop. Ability to share lights with other app users: Take shared experience with BlissLights to a new level. The BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0 takes the transcendent laser star experience of the original Sky Lite and ups the ante with color-changing lights and Bluetooth app connectivity.

Auto-cycle: Go beyond the six-hour auto-cycle of the original Sky Lite with a timer that spans anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours. Coverage area: From 10 feet away, the Sky Lite can cover 900 square feet (83.61 square meters) of wall space. Coverage area: Like the original Sky Lite, the Sky Lite 2,0 covers 900 square feet (83.61 square meters) from a distance of 10 feet. The original Sky Lite or the newer 2.0 might be better for your galaxy lighting based on your budget, user-friendliness, outside projector lights and customizability needs. Where the original felt cheap, its replacement actually looks the part of a $550 device. While this may be desirable in some cases, for the best night sky experience, you will need a table or desk upon which to place your device. Many people still enjoy sleeping under the stars while camping outdoors to this day. While many projectors come with both options, you should consider this before purchasing. Once you download the app to your phone and link it, there are tons of options, and you can even customize what is displayed. The ability to shine lights in color options, and share them with friends right from your phone, might be well worth the extra spend.

If you can find a museum with an Orrery, it is well worth a look. But I’ll need to wait until I can perform a full review to tell whether it’s good enough to execute serious multitasking; if that’s what you’re looking for, save your money until we find out. Jackson every time your son wants a new DVD or CD, then boy do we have the solution for you: just bust out the dollars for a QNAP TS-101 NAS, which features a built-in BitTorrent client for the convenient stealing acquisition of various media. I knew the kids would get a kick out of it. To really transport yourself to a night outdoors under the stars, get the Stargazer Bundle’s two red BlissBulbs and one green BlissBulb. The BlissBulb fits wherever you normally place lightbulbs. The relatively cheap optics likewise mean truly perfect geometry can’t quite be achieved, meanwhile nailing perfect focus across the whole image is rather finickity, too. Other versions of the S20 relied on high-resolution camera sensors to artificially lengthen its shooting range, camera trickery is no match for old-school optics. All three flagship phones have a punch-hole cutout at the top right-hand corner to accommodate the front camera.

It also has the primary camera of 2 MP in the front. Mix and match the RGB color (Red, Green, Blue, White) to achieve the multi-colors (Purple, Pink, Teal, Emerald, Yellow, Navy Blue). The RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) technology in the Sky Lite 2.0 means you can shine nebula clouds in multiple colors and combinations. Effect modes: The Sky Lite 2.0 comes with seven effect modes including stars only and fading. Color options: When it comes to the Sky Lite 2.0, the sky is truly the limit. Both the Sky Lite and Sky Lite 2.0 are great picks for recasting any indoor space in a whole new light. In the case of star light projectors, most options are generally USB powered or come with an AC wall adapter for the power supply. For powering this star projector, all you need is an AC wall adapter and a USB power cable which comes included in the box. With star projector, you can have the entire galaxy right in the comfort of your own home.