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However, that price is coming down, and quickly. Average connectivity, no smart capabilities and a high suggested retail price make it a difficult sell, placing it squarely in the laggard’s seat. Given the price of the projector and the fact that competitors at both higher and lower price points have given more thought to sound quality, the lack of a more robust system here counts as a missing. If you’re selling a living room UST projector these days you’ve gotta give it some “smarts,” and that’s handled here with a supplied Android TV HDMI streaming dongle. One oddity is that the Android TV stick outputs all content at 4K with an HDR flag, as verified by the projector’s Info screen and that of another 4K display I tried it with. The device includes a a Super AMOLED display in High Definition resolution which provides a large and vivid viewing experience when using the features of its Android Gingerbread (2.3) operating system with its many available applications, along with the multi touch capabilities. Epson supplies two compact remotes with the LS500, one for the projector (with an Epson logo on it) and a second remote presumably dedicated to the Android TV dongle should you move the stick to another display.

There is no media player built into the projector to display video or photos directly off a USB flash drive. With a dual projector, you can display a rotating projection of the northen hemisphere night sky, while at the same time project images of cosmic features such as nebulae, gas clouds, planets and galaxies. You can find a heap here. In any event, I could find no instructions with the projector or anywhere online describing how to mate up the alternate remote with the stick. The stick hides away in a compartment behind the magnetically-attached front grille equipped with its own USB port for power. The edge-on torus not only hides the black hole and accretion disk from being viewed directly from earth, but also determines the axis of a jet of high-speed plasma and confines radiation from the accretion disk to a pair of oppositely directed cones of light, which ionize gas caught in their beam.

Streetlights or any other lights pointing up into the sky are usually wasting light, Longcore says. Samsung says it’s primarily there for taking pictures of a whiteboard in class, for example, or for scanning documents. There are some downsides to a portable projector, though. While you’re unlikely to suffer from any keystone issues, there is some geometric correction on offer to square the image up if you need it. I checked this feature out with test patterns and determined that, unlike standard keystone and four-corner geometric correction, activating the blanking merely masks a bit of the image on any of its four edges without invoking any other potentially damaging processing. Like Epson’s other 4K-compliant models, it relies on a trio of 1080p LCD imagers to which Epson applies its 4K PRO-UHD pixel-shifting and image processing. It’s important to mention that, unlike most of the new laser UST projectors including Epson’s own LS300, the LS500 has no proximity safety detector to dim or turn-off the laser should a curious toddler get close to the beam.

Epson’s more recently developed consumer UST projector, the 1080p-resolution EpiqVision Ultra LS300, has a slightly more aggressive throw ratio that makes placement a little more friendly. Full 10-bit HDR processing is on board to minimize banding, but the limitation here is in color gamut, which is only rated for Rec.709 and not the full DCI-P3 wide gamut found in Epson’s best projectors. For a crowd-pleasing holiday gift, it’s hard to do better than a TV (or something that plays on or plugs into a TV), so naturally we’re here to help you out once again. In addition, clients can also experience better and reliable connection due to of Wi-Fi whenever they have the genuine access details for local wireless networks. You’re able to monitor total data usage and per-app data usage with separate counters for mobile networks and for WiFi. The phone offers a 1.2 gigahertz dual core application processor which allows for faster connectivity to the multiple WiFi and data networks available, along with faster loading of webpages, emails and more. Other connections around back include the other two HDMI ports (one with ARC for connection of an audio system), a 3.5 mm analog stereo audio jack, the LAN port, an RS232C control port and two USB ports-one USB-A for connecting an optional WiFi dongle should you want that for network connection, and a mini-USB for service.

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