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It also includes a single button, which when double-clicked triggers a menu which launches a number of pen-enabled apps. While you can theoretically open the laptop with a single finger, its light weight and the slick, stubby feet beneath it nearly caused me to push it off my test stand when I tried. Christmas Laser Light Projector by Gideon is a suitable option for you if you want to light up your home or your garden and lawn with lights. Looking for a more affordable option that’s still impressive? If you’re looking for a good way to throw a casual movie night, VANKYO’s V630W is the right choice. The extreme width of the display (measuring 19.5mm high by 34.5mm long, a roughly 1.77 display ratio) also calls into question Samsung’s choice of 1080p resolution rather than a 4K option. Whether adding some sparkle to an event or simply bringing whimsy to home decor, these devices are a worthwhile choice.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite review: Anything but 'light' What Are the Best Outdoor Projectors? For a more granular breakdown of everything we considered when selecting projectors for this guide, check out our full criteria below. Ports: Ports let you connect computers, game consoles, phones, or tablets to the projector, so more is better. A rigid plastic casing will fare better if your kids or pets knock it over than a hollow, flimsy shell. Canvas pop-up play tents do very well outdoors because canvas stands up better to wind. Polyester pop-up play tents are the lightest weight, making them the easiest to set up, take down, transport and store. Samsung shipped the notebook set to the middle “better performance” tier in the Windows power/performance slider. The EF12, or rather the Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12 Smart Streaming Laser Projector (to give it its full name), is a compact cuboid system that’s incredibly easy to set up. Update: LG’s new laser projector could have you considering ditching your TV. You probably won’t love the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360’s keyboard, but it does have a spacious touchpad, a dedicated number pad, best galaxy projector and the fingerprint reader in the upper right-hand corner that doubles as a power button. However, the notebook’s tiny “strip”-style fingerprint reader nestled in the upper right-hand-corner of the keyboard failed to recognize that my finger had actually touched it probably two out of every three times during the setup process.

Normally, you simply touch the sensor several times to establish an “authorized” fingerprint. It’s the perfect present for both kids and adults, transforming even the most boring of bedrooms into an intergalactic extravaganza. It’s like OneDrive’s Personal Vault, but on your PC. The full HD projector supports 4K video when connecting a laptop or 4K TV stick to the projector via HDMI port, and we like that it lets you do screen mirroring with your iOS connected over the WiFi. The Galaxy Projector turns any room into a night of stars, light, and color and entering you in a cosmic world. There’s a general “AMOLED” color profile, but also separate display profiles within the Windows 10 Settings menu, each tuned to either the AdobeRGB, P3, and sRGB color space. Who it’s for: Anyone hoping to incorporate a theater-sized display into their bright living room. The four LEDs are quite powerful, so you won’t keep your room completely dark for a beautiful view. They’re all under 12 pounds (some are less than half that weight), so they’re easy to move from your home theater to your outdoor space.

The dimensions of the keyboard also allow the Galaxy Book Pro 360 to sport a gargantuan precision touchpad that takes up much of the remaining space on the chassis, allowing your wrists to rest on either side. Purchasing a star projector can help you or your kid to enjoy all the constellations and deep space. There is also variation in the projector as some units project the constellation or cosmos in one place, and some spread the whole starry projection all over your ceilings and walls. The Galaxy Book Smart Switch app, for porting over data from an earlier Galaxy PC; the PenUP drawing app; Samsung’s DeX app for connecting your Samsung phone to your PC; the Samsung TV Plus link to a TV-like collection of video streams; the Samsung Update service for updating drivers; and even the ability to control your Samsung SmartThings smart home via a dedicated app. However, its 4hours inbuilt battery backup gives it an edge over its competitors, meaning you can watch a full movie. With the support of a two-hour-long battery backup and Plug & Play facility, you can play your movies anywhere without going through the complicated setup. You don’t really realize how deeply dark an OLED display can be until the black letterboxes surrounding a video are indistinguishable from the thin (about 5mm) black bezels that wrap around the corners of the screen.

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