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Many readers like Hariz agreed that it “adds so much to the user experience.” More than a few even declared they loved the stylus (looking at you, Brandi, Matt and John). I wish there was a slot to house the stylus like the Book Flex offers, but at least it attaches to the Book Pro 360 magnetically. The S Pen the company includes with the Tab S6 Lite is a larger stylus than what you’d get with a Note phone or Galaxy Book laptop. For the most part, though, I enjoyed the S Pen more as a stylus than as a remote control. More importantly though, many of Samsung’s functional additions are genuinely useful. Minimal bulk with no frills is what Galaxy phones are all about, and seeing as this particular model lugs a 4.8-inch panel it’s only right that Samsung’s designers used all their old tricks to keep the weight and dimensions to a minimum.

Samsung’s real edge here doesn’t lay in the quality of its images so much as the flexibility that multiple cameras provide. Products featuring THX defy convention and define quality in their class, whether in the cinema, home or on the road. The high pixel density webcam delivers outstanding video image quality at 24 frames per second. Calls sounded loud and clear on both ends (thanks in part, no doubt, to the dual microphone setup), and data speeds on T-Mobile and AT&T matched our expectations for this type of radio, with results as high as 8Mbps down and 1.7Mbps up. Like with the Optimus T, T-Mobile bundles the Swype keyboard, WiFi calling (aka UMA), and visual voicemail with the phone, along with DriveSmart, an app that minimizes driving distractions by silencing notifications, routing calls to voicemail or a Bluetooth headset, and optionally auto-responding to calls and texts. This is a free service that allows users to augment their coverage in spotty areas and place unlimited calls without affecting their monthly minute allotment — not too shabby, and you can only find it on T-Mobile’s version.

A few apps take advantage of the front facing camera right out of the box, like the camera and video recorder, as well as Qik Video Chat, a T-Mobile branded version of the popular video streaming service. They could even offer free delivery service after the purchase of shipping it to you. Of course, none of that would make sense without great image quality, and fortunately the GS III is up to scratch in that area too – even though it doesn’t show a great deal of progress from earlier Galaxy phones. Before diving into the new features contained within Android 4.0 for the Galaxy Note, let’s get one thing out of the way: while the new software brings a number of useful additions, the overall changes to the user experience are rather subtle. This isn’t a dealbreaker so much as one of those low-level annoyances you’ll have to learn to live with. There’s no slow-mo unfortunately, which counts against the GS III because that would have been a cool feature to have, but regular 1080p / 30fps footage is smooth and largely free of the rolling shutter “jello” effect. There’s no dedicated two-stage shutter key, but you’ll find touch-to-focus, smile / blink detection, and a panorama mode, amongst other features.

This includes the press-and-hold method of taking a photo, which allows you set focus and exposure before re-framing and releasing the shutter to take a shot — a system that encourages more creative control and which is sorely lacking on the One X. It also includes the ability to set the compression level (Normal, Fine or Superfine). Digital wellbeing was one of the most notable features to land with Android 9, and I’ve used it to track my phone use. While this is in line with most other high-end Android phones, we think there’s room for improvement. Its max brightness feels a little anemic so outdoor use can be a little tricky at times, but the display is very well-suited to binging on YouTube videos while you’re sheltering at home. I can Netflix on my TV, play mobile games on my phone, but without pulling out an e-reader, the tablet is the best device for reading. Google managed to address these issues over the months, but it was a bumpy start for a company that literally makes the mobile OS that runs on these devices. Everything feels snappy, everything looks fluid – Ice Cream Sandwich isn’t just a new version of Google’s mobile OS, it’s what happens when Android hits the gym and becomes lean and mean.

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