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While their noise canceling isn’t as good as the AirPods Pro’s they do have a transparency mode and they’re decent for making calls. They’re IPX4 splash-proof and deliver up to 6 hours of battery life with noise canceling on and up to 8 hours with it off. Of course, none of this would matter if the phone’s battery life stunk, but Google seems to have taken to heart all of the criticism leveled at the Pixel 4 line. Phone 11 or Pixel 4, to say nothing of the $2,000-ish Galaxy Fold. Rather than adopting a different approach, or developing a new technology to improve the lot of the camera phone photographer, Samsung has merely spliced two average products together to create something new. The camera features. Photographic effect has greatly improved. While the Galaxy Camera was first and foremost a camera, the Zoom’s primary function is as an ordinary Android smartphone — albeit one with a larger sensor and a powerful lens. Other midrange phones like the Galaxy A51, the iPhone SE and even the Oneplus Nord (which isn’t available in the US) also come in just one size, after all.

Even if they don’t sound quite as magical as you’d hope a $249 model would, the Apple AirPods Pro still manage to be a great pair of true wireless earphones with noise cancellation. The new Beoplay EQ are also rather expensive, but at least they’re among the very best true wireless earbuds available right now, with top-notch sound and adaptive noise canceling, along with a natural-sounding transparency mode. They are undoubtedly worth the value. However, if sound quality is your priority, the PI7 is worth considering if you can afford them. You can setup this projector anywhere in your house. Next on this list, we have another good star projector option from MOKOQI that can be a great choice to buy for your kids as it offers a lot of amazing lighting effects in different colors. After which, the Galaxy Projector will broadcast your entire playlist, whether it is saved on your phone or your favorite music app (Deezer, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc.).

They’re an excellent Apple device choice when you want to make a call or listen to music during your workout. Perhaps that’s to make room for that 1,850mAh battery (also the largest), or the bevy of antennas inside. Selfies, on the other hand, generally looked bright and colorful, though I recommend turning off Beauty mode, since it tends to make your skin look like plastic. I especially like that when the Watch 3 notices you haven’t moved in an hour, it’ll not only prompt you to get up and move, but also suggest some easy exercises you can do at your desk. Just how good a seal you get from the included ear tips. Battery life is rated at around 6.5 hours at moderate volume levels, and you get an extra two charges from the case, which has USB-C and wireless charging. In many ways, Bose’s QuietComfort Earbuds are excellent true wireless earbuds, particularly when it comes to their great sound and noise canceling, which is some of the best out there right now in a set of earbuds.

While they’re more fraternal than identical twins, the AirPods 3 are shaped like the AirPods Pro, with the same shorter stems and same pinch controls as those of the Pro. Unlike with the Liberty Air 2 Pro, I had no problem getting a tight seal with the included ear tips, outdoor laser lights and I found the sound to be on par with other premium earbuds that cost more. After a long wait, Bowers & Wilkins has finally released a couple of sets of true wireless earbuds — the PI7 ($399) and PI5 ($249) — both of which are excellent and feature active noise canceling along with a transparency mode. That’s a nice bonus feature (the PI5 doesn’t have it), but the Sony is the overall better value. I also thought the Sony did better with voice calling (it has better noise reduction so people can hear you better in a noisier environments) and it has better battery life. Have that curved design — they also pick up less wind noise. While the PI7’s noise canceling is quite decent, the Sony’s noise canceling is superior. But its Soundcore Liberty Pro is its “high-end” model that features premium sound, as well as support for Sony’s LDAC audio codec with compatible devices (mostly Android phones).