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The Galaxy Nexus is able to drive a variety of headphones and earbuds without trouble, and the speaker is surprisingly decent. Camera settings aren’t too in-depth — no HDR here, for example — but you’ll find ISO and exposure adjustment, several white balance options and a variety of shot and scene modes, including panorama and smile shot. By combining a stylish new design with optimized features, including enhanced picture quality, 16:9 aspect ratio, Full HD 1080p resolution and multi-screen capability, consumers can integrate high design into their home office. Your mileage may vary, but Snapshot shows me how long it’ll take to get to the office – which I can probably get rid of – plus bill reminders, a shortcut to control my basement lights since I need those a lot, and even recipe suggestions that seem to take my search history into account. Granted, you won’t be charging your friend’s phone or smartwatch terribly quickly, but the fact that Samsung even bothered to carry it over to the S10e remains a pleasant surprise. Even before Samsung launched the Note Edge last year, there was a bit of an arms race over curved screens. To absolutely no one’s surprise, the Galaxy S6 edge is going to get the lion’s share of attention here at MWC, and probably over the weeks and months that’ll follow.

With HTC’s minor design tweaks in place, the S6 edge almost feels more like the M8 than the M9 does. Head up for more. Over the past year, though, the Korean juggernaut has come to the realization that it needs to pare down and push a few more envelopes, a philosophy that begat weird, arguably wonderful experiments like the Note Edge. Generally, I run a few Chrome windows with anywhere from five to 15 tabs as well as dedicated web apps for Slack, YouTube Music or Spotify, Keep, Trello, Todoist, Hangouts and Tweetdeck. When we made a few test calls on this slider, our friends on the other end said we came through loud and clear, and things sounded crisp on our side as well. We saw throughput on the upper end of this range when we took the Relay 4G for a spin in Southern California. If there wasn’t a five-row QWERTY keyboard under the hood, our review would end on a higher note. If the QWERTY layout is at all negotiable, this is hands-down a better pick. That’s probably better than an overly sensitive slider that moves at the slightest touch, but we had the distinct sensation that we were mowing over keys row by row when we pushed out the keyboard, as if Samsung didn’t leave enough room between the keyboard and the slider mechanism.

Don’t worry, you’re not missing out on anything, but LG suggests the Z Camera’s omission was more a cost-saving measure than a sign of waning confidence in the concept. Sliding the keyboard out feels smooth and secure — no creakiness here — but if anything, the mechanism offers too much resistance and requires a hearty push to open up and reveal the keys. Why We Like It: Sega has gone all out with this high-definition device that projects a staggering 60,000 twinkling stars. Curiously, the device looks pretty different to the curved prototypes we saw back at CES earlier this year. At least you can charge it by plopping it on the back of your Galaxy S10. The S10 displayed a circle just slightly left of the center of the screen, which is weird since there was nothing but a gray surface in that shot. The much prettier Surface Pro X starts at $999, and even after adding the keyboard its total of $1,200 is still cheaper than the Flex. Numbers and dimensions aside, the Galaxy Book Pro 360 actually looks sort of plain. Older Samsung laptops’ power buttons sat alongside the ports on the edges, but the company thankfully moved the Book Pro’s to the top right of the keyboard.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition comes in white and black with 32GB and 64GB storage options. Just like on the Note 3, the stitching is merely there for decoration. But if that were the case, there might not be room for the camera embedded in the keyboard deck. The edge’s 5.1-inch screen gently curves away from you, leaving just enough room on the edges for the traditional power button and volume buttons. This year, details look sharp and the screen is bright enough for adjusting settings, verifying focus and reading text even in bright light, but there’s definitely still room for improvement. Click the link above for more details. Click up for more details and pictures. The latest iMac features updated Haswell processors, more powerful GPUs, light show projector outdoor faster 802.11ac WiFi and speedier PCIe SSDs. Both have Samsung’s latest octa-core chipset thrumming away in them, chipsets that pair a quad-2.1GHz processor with a quad-1.5Ghz one. BlackBerry has been headed in the wrong direction for a while now, and the Z30 is the company’s latest attempt at turning itself around.