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If you think you’ll put that 360-degree hinge to use, the Flex 5’s hinge is strong and flips around nicely. Google clearly put a lot of effort into revamping the camera app. Ice Cream Sandwich features a comprehensive photo editor within the Gallery app (complete with Instagram-like filters) and a dedicated video editor called Movie Studio. The marketing proclaims that the souped up flagship is a “pro-level studio wherever you go” with a “complete pro kit of camera features.” With a 108-megapixel sensor and 100x zoom on its rear as well as a 40-MP selfie camera, the S20 Ultra promises to be a phone capable of capturing high-quality content ripe for YouTube. After all, it’s supposed to be a pro studio in one. You can get the Pro in blue, silver or gold, while the Pro 360 comes in bronze or blue. With that in mind, things can get a little hairy when multitasking or picking up where you left off in an app – that’s because the Fan Edition relies on a mere 6GB of RAM, down from the 12GB you’d find in most other versions of the S20. Suffice to say, there’s enough sheer horsepower here to keep any app or game running smoothly.

The Gmail app gains multiple text sizes, the calendar adds a neat pinch-to-zoom feature, and – as we mentioned above – the Web browser is much improved, especially in terms of performance. I didn’t encounter this issue as much during my original review, but now it’s becoming more obvious. I’d also have to use this to shoot my standups for a review, since I’d need to make sure I remain in focus. The key travel is naturally shallow to make it work in such a thin device. Mark’s only complaint, in addition to the phone’s slippery feel, was the lack of cover options, and Peter said he could “forgive the lack of apps taking advantage of the design, otherwise I’ve had no real compromises to make.” Evan alone was the sole user who said he could not recommend the device. Ditto for taking them out of my ears. AKG sound into your ears. Instead, a pair of speakers on the underside of the Buds Live beam sound in on each side.

When resting my palms on either side of the trackpad and typing away, I could bend the keyboard so much that I’d accidentally “click” the trackpad, which is very distracting. Aside from the autofocus woes, I was also a little bummed that I wasn’t able to get nice depth of field with the cameras on either side of the phone. While the frame rate maxes out at 24fps, the camera supports continuous autofocus. While the quality of the 4K videos was slightly sharper than I’m used to seeing from my Pixel 3, it was a little less crisp compared to clips from the S20 Ultra’s rear cameras. Most of the glass and metal you’d find on a standard S20 is gone, replaced largely by the same kind of polycarbonate Samsung uses for its more modest A series phones. I had hoped that, after exhaustively going over all the ways the S9 is new, I’d find the updates here to be more significant. Some European owners have documented erratic volume problems when connected to 900MHz GSM networks – something we were unable to reproduce here in the US for lack of compatible bands – but Google’s already promised a fix. Probably the most important part of a tablet is its screen, and the Galaxy Book is no letdown here.

How much: To book all four yurts (for a group of approximately 18) for a three-night weekend in summer costs £1,680 (£31pp per night). That’s primarily because the combination of the full-size keyboard plus the “wedge” holding the screen up makes the Galaxy Book pretty big in the lap. I thought that was expensive for a tablet, but it’s in the same realm of pricing as a similarly configured Surface Pro, once you include a stylus and keyboard. The vibe is the same when you open it up. While the S21’s 6.2-inch AMOLED panel is the same size as its predecessor, it has a lower 2,400 x 1,080 resolution. But it’s relatively bright, colors and contrast make everything pop and the 1080p resolution is solid on a display this size. Also on display this week is LG’s latest Full HD LCD Monitor TV, model M62D, which incorporates clearer and sharper images, faster refresh rates, higher contrast ratios and enhanced connectivity, laser light show outdoor all packaged in a sleek and slim design.