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It’s a handy touch, and helps make the already smart WebOS even smarter. Be it any wedding, a romantic date night or some kind of family gathering, or your kid’s party, it will always come in handy and will automatically increase the aesthetic appeal and also uplift the complete atmosphere. As well as making the 100L5’s pictures exceptionally watchable in bright conditions, its combination of high brightness and wide color range helps it produce some of the most effective, convincing high dynamic range (HDR) pictures we’ve seen from a projector to date. We’ve been using the arguably groundbreaking new projector for the past few weeks to find out. So, this night light projector also comes with a wide choosing panel of RGBW colors. The way the provided screen uses a lenticular surface structure to keep ambient light from interfering with the picture is one of those ‘you need to see it to believe it’ AV success stories. That said, we recommend steering clear unless you really need that extra brightness. In terms of brightness and colors, though, the S10e gets pretty close, and there have been a few situations where I’ve actually preferred how colors looked on the S10e. Over the last few years, LG has pumped out a series of groundbreaking TV models that arguably redefine what to expect from a TV, from the LG OLED W-Series Wallpaper TV to the rollable TV that it showed off at CES.

Vivid was definitely the brightest mode, and a little over the top in terms of color saturation. Again, though, for true home theaters, you’ll want to invest in something with a little more oomph. Makes projection technology a whole lot more convenient. Considering how new ultra short-throw projectors are, you could probably find a traditional projector with a similar image quality for a whole lot cheaper. The LG HU85LA CineBeam ultra short-throw projector is at the cutting edge of projection technology. At $6,000 (around £4,860, AU$8,750), you would expect the LG HU85LA to look good – and look good it does. If you take a closer look at the settings page, it reveals that you’ll need to press and hold the pen to move the pointer. Boasts a stunning image quality – but you can find traditional projectors that look just as good for cheaper. It’s generally a good experience, and there are controls for everything you would need. Compared to conventional projectors which require up to 3 or 4m of distance from the wall in order to provide big-screen projections, The Premiere is an ultra-short throw projector capable of creating a screen size of 100 inches when placed between 11.3cm and 30.3cm away from the wall.1 To put it simply, there is no need to rearrange your interior design in order to install your new projector – The Premiere necessitates just some simple organization to accommodate its easy installation.

The adjustable projection distance from 15 centimeters to 6.8 meters is handy, but although it illuminates the ceiling with a realistic night sky of 10,000 stars, it lacks brightness, ultimate sharpness and stellar accuracy. That said, if you’re building a home theater and want a projector that can stay stationary, then it’s worth looking at projectors that you can hang from the ceiling. Gone are the days when owning a projector meant having to hang one from the ceiling or have a permanently installed table in the middle of your living room. If you want to take the next step, Sony has an impressive range of consumer 4K projectors including one ultra short throw model. Barco laser projectors illuminate premium large screens, especially for 3D movies. Galaxy Theaters’ DFX auditoriums across the country have now added Barco laser projectors to the existing multichannel, immersive audio system and Galaxy? Cherlynn Low is candid about how the Galaxy Watch 4 makes her feel, calling it and the rest of Samsung’s smartwatches the best Android wearable options around. For those who want something simple, we invite you to check out our list of the best TVs available today.

Optoma’s UHZ65, however, is not the everyman 4K projector that’s currently in fashion, but rather an attempt to create a more luxe version for those who can afford it. Another light that gained similar attention online this time last year was the Mirabella Genio Nebula and Star Projector available from Kmart for just $69. Overall, if you are looking for alternatives to LED light strips, smart bulbs, or other lighting fixtures, the Atmosphere is a unique solution. Apart from LG’s ThinQ, the projector actually makes use of Google Assistant too – so if you’re set up in the Google ecosystem, you’ll be able to control not only the projector, but also your smart home devices and so on. This is exactly the criterion that the Chinese producer Anker now wants to get rid of with the Nebula Mars II: This is a portable projector that can be transported quickly and easily from A to B and set up just as easily.

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