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Q: What is the best star projector? Yes, there is a digital projector that can fit into a Christmas stocking. Through this connectivity, you can turn your light on and off from your phone, where you can also control its brightness, settings, colors, and effects. Combining blue, red, green, and white, you can project solid or multi-color lighting effects to form 21 lighting effects. I successfully connected an Android smartphone and an Xbox 360 and used the S1 to project what’s on those screens. Oh, and this was also the first Android phone to ship with TouchWiz, Samsung’s proprietary UI. If you’re going to buy your loved one a nice watch, it might as well talk to your phone. The S1 has a nice built-in speaker, but I tethered it to a large portable speaker for movie night. That claim held up well during my tests, which included hosting a children’s sleepover viewing of “Frozen” on a large wall.

Within minutes, I was watching Netflix and playing “Angry Birds” on large walls throughout my house, with no power cords in sight. This basically means it’s very tough and is great for watching movies, browsing the web and playing games on! You can tear away this bottom half when you don’t need to type documents and just use the kickstand part to prop up the device for playing games or, like I did on a recent flight, watching videos on a tiny airplane tray. The camera would capture the movement of the thumb, or identify the force pressed onto each finger to establish which key had been pressed and type the message accordingly. A camera in the headset then tracks the movement of the fingers to know which keys are being pressed before feeding this information to an app, website or other tool. In another example, the camera could detect when the hand is moving and interpret and send these movements to the headset or connected phone to record gestures, for example. The patent drawings resemble Google’s much-maligned Glass headset. The patent (pictured) was filed in June 2012. Awarded earlier this week. The patent is similar to one Samsung filed in 2013, and awarded in March last year.

As the patent explained: ‘The present application discloses systems and methods for a virtual input device. In one example, the virtual input device includes a projector and a camera. In the Korean firm’s filing, a person wearing a camera – on a Google Glass-style device dubbed Galaxy Glass – would be able to look down at their hands, which would be mapped using a virtual keyboard. In addition to a virtual keyboard, people could watch videos on the palm of their hand rather than having to hold a device in front of them. And it’s not just music, LED Galaxy Wheel will also react to vocal or percussive sounds like speaking and hand clapping. It’s worth noting that you need to press ‘OK’ after turning the volume up or down, as the volume bar will stay on the screen indefinitely otherwise. If you simply must have the highest specs, the Ultra will satisfy — just remember that you don’t need to spend this much for a great smartphone.

Notifications will also appear here, which is a nice touch. The NuForce MMP is a nice affordable companion for the audiophile on the go. This matchbox-sized amp from NuForce pumped up the volume for me while retaining clarity and limiting distortion on several larger, over-the-ear headphones I tried. For example, numbers could be assigned to a forefinger, while symbols could be assigned to a middle finger. You can save up to $84 on the 1-cam or 2-cam kits while supplies last with prices starting at $140. Unfortunately, cheaper models while awesome will feel like a toy when compared with this one. Today, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra (I’ll take the Zune-inspired brown one thanks). Samsung said it uses different methods to improve extreme low light images, but wouldn’t get specific about how. Unlike other smartwatches that require daily recharge, the Cogito Classic uses standard watch batteries that should last for months. Has a battery that can last up to three hours.

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