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It was also very reliable when it came to accessing email, uploading and viewing images, sharing social media updates and even helping me wake up in the morning (there’s a speaker and vibration mechanism, which pair nicely with the alarm clock app, just like on a smartphone). It’s hardly a dealbreaker, but considering instant social sharing is part of the K Zoom’s appeal, it’s disappointing nonetheless. Not that video is the K Zoom’s strong suit. Since Engadget’s video production team has had to adjust to life during a pandemic, many of us have had to shoot footage from home. Hardware controls are incredibly limited, with the standard home key representing the only button on the front, positioned just below the bottom of the LCD. Additionally, while Instagram is still unable to access the 10x optical zoom, an updated version of the Vine app has on-screen zoom controls and is able to take full advantage of the lens.

Duck_Pond_#2_7502839.jpg The hybrid felt sluggish regardless of whether you were trying to take a picture, surf the web or make a phone call — it was a weak performer through and through. Let’s take a look at some samples. But when you go to share photos or view them on a computer, you’ll probably be a bit frustrated, as I was after a few hours of shooting in the wrong format (as you’ll see in some samples below). Colors are vibrant and details are fantastically sharp in this 1/80-second, f/5.6 exposure at ISO 800. There is some mild blooming around the text in the 100-percent inset, but you’ll only notice it with a 1:1-pixel view on a computer monitor. At ISO 160, noise is visible in the 1:1 inset, and details are soft due to blur. This year, details look sharp and the screen is bright enough for adjusting settings, verifying focus and reading text even in bright light, but there’s definitely still room for improvement.

You can also configure the NX to jump right into the camera app whenever you press the shutter button, so if you see something you’d like to shoot, but you’re currently sending an email or reading a webpage, it’s easy enough to switch modes for a moment. Additionally, the camera reduces the microphone volume slightly whenever you zoom in or out, likely to avoid capturing sound from the lens motor. Assuming you plan to share images on social media straight from the camera, you’ll probably use the K Zoom to capture your food. Or you can use the leftover dough to fund a flight to China for you and your brand-new (and reasonably priced) ILC. Still, if you’ve used a Snapdragon 800 device, you’ll wish it had been in use here. On that note, if you’re here for Android, but you’re concerned about the NX’s size, you might consider the Galaxy S4 Zoom. So if you’re looking to step up to a faster device with a similar feature set, you’ll get that here. You can get Samsung’s new two-piece keyboard cover too for an extra $180.

In the UK, the phone is priced at £400, while elsewhere in Europe it can be had for €499. The Zoom handles basic tasks and apps with ease, and while it’s sluggish in camera mode at times, the biggest performance-related issue has to do with battery life. From the front, the Galaxy NX looks like any other EVF-equipped mirrorless camera. At first glance, the Galaxy Chromebook 2 looks near-identical to last year’s model. The Find N looks like a device along the lines of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold lineup, created after “four years of intense R&D and six generations of prototypes,” Oppo said in a press release. With just noise canceling mode on, that number is cut to six and a half hours. In our formal rundown test, outdoor christmas laser lights the phone lasted for nearly 10 hours of 720p video playback with the display fixed at 50 percent. The Tab S2’s camera isn’t just for taking pictures, either — it can shoot up to QHD video (2,560 x 1,440 resolution), although really you’re better off sticking with the more widely accepted 1080p video.