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Instagram: While the Bomaker Polaris 4K scores very highly when it comes to core features like picture quality, it fails to impress on the overall user experience. In this case, that includes the camera — yes, for the final minutes of the Zoom battery’s life, you cannot even shoot a picture. With a 30,000 hours lamp life, this “RGB color laser” projector uses MEMC motion compensation technology – which artificially boosts the frame rate – and the same 0.47-inch TI-sourced DMD (digital micro mirror) as most 4K UST projectors but with a laser light source compared to, say VAVA’s ALPD 3.0 source, like most of the competition. The company has confirmed that Hisense is their OEM, that is, it produces the projector for Bomaker and therefore very likely uses a lot of similar parts found in the former’s more expensive Laser TV. They use a laser or LED light which means they last a lot longer than short or long throw projectors that are lamp-based.

I never use the LED light. You will need to have a smooth wall, preferably coated with a special paint, or a projector screen made with ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) material. At less than 30dB, this is a relatively quiet UST projector compared to some vacuum cleaners we’ve reviewed in the past. UST models are expensive, though, and you may get comparable image quality with a decent lamp model at two-thirds of the price. The Mirabella Genio Nebula and Star Projector costs just $69, while similar models – which are top of hundreds of Christmas lists across Australia this year – will set you back anywhere from $80 to a whopping $550. At the top of the screen of Samsung GALAXY Note 2 there is the Samsung brand Logo, slender handset, distance and light sensors, charging and information indicator. On top of that, as The Premiere’s 2,000,000:1 contrast range delivers all the most subtle contrast differences, users can enjoy a cinema-like experience wherever they want. Once you’ve connected to a wireless network and entered the Menu, a range of content from providers such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video are available – and you can even search for the content you want to watch using voice recognition.

Both laptops are premium offerings with powerful hardware and 360-degree hinges for converting to tablet mode. Xbox 360 Premium with Live subscription – This one’s pretty much a no-brainer: if your boy doesn’t have an Xbox 360 yet, he probably wants one (in addition to the PS3, the Wii, and every other gadget we write about). The Premiere is capable of bringing an immersive concert experience right to you in your living room as it is equipped with 40W of premium speakers and woofers built directly into the projector and enhanced with Acoustic Beam technology to maximize sound from all angles. You want a quiet ultra short throw projector. As a category, ultra short throw projectors deliver some unique advantages that other projector or display technologies do not. In terms of relative luminance, it measured 125 fL against a maximum of 146 and a minimum of 92 in the group, consistent with its gain rating of 1.3 Probably the weakest parameter was a measured vertical half gain angle of 18 degrees which was close to the low of 15. So take care in the vertical positioning of the projector. First the good news, the Bomaker Polaris 4K is quiet, partly because of its relatively low power consumption (and dissipation).

Note there’s another one located on the left hand side of the device while the power button is a touch one located near the right corner furthest to screen. Facing away from the window, the connections are located on the right hand side of the device, there are two HDMI ports (labelled 4K at 60Hz) with one of them labelled as ARC enabled, two service ports, an AV in, an SPDIF port, a Gigabit Ethernet port and a USB port that can deliver 5W of power. Not only is it an important accessibility feature for people who are hard of hearing or deaf, but it could even be useful in a noisy cafe or a subway station (you know, if we ever venture outside again). If you’re looking to quickly showcase pictures or videos you’ve taken to family and friends on a bigger screen, this feature can come in particularly useful. We used videos of Clown fishes in Anemone (1080p) from Mark Schellenberg, Water drop in slow motion (HD) from NatureClip and 4K footage of the rocky Hawaiian coast that we ran from a USB drive. One USB port to enable seamless connection to a gaming console. Users can enjoy the ultimate in gaming experiences thanks to its high-quality screen and exceptional sound.