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colorful fireworks lighting effect on purple background for celebration concept. Speaking of the lighting effects, this projector works in 3 different modes. Speaking about the power supply, this star lamp can either be powered using 4 AAA batteries, or you can also use an AC wall adapter. Apart from the light colors, you should also pay attention to the total number of combinations and lighting effects a projector can show. Since it has 4 LED light lamps, it can project up to 13 lighting effects in total. Speaking of the light, outdoor holiday light projector it has a total of 6 projecting modes and offers a really good and precise throw at the ceiling. Speaking of other features, it also has an in-built Bluetooth speaker that allows you to play your favorite music directly from your mobile or laptop. In addition, this night light also features a TF card slot, so you can also play your favorite music as well. While picking a light with an in-built speaker, make sure to check for Bluetooth connectivity, and remote control so that you can operate the device conveniently.

If you want to buy a night light for babies, Yachance offers a really high-end lighting option that not only turns your room into a night sky but also provides you with soothing sound effects. Those of you who might want to set up next-gen gaming consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X with this projector, too, will be happy to know it comes with a single HDMI 2.1 (and eARC) alongside two regular HDMI 2.0 inputs. Since this night star light is highly advanced, it also comes with a remote control that allows you to set a timer for this night light. It is a safe night light projector that will automatically shut off as we set. Hence, using this light is pretty simple as it works just by plugging into any USB port. Ultimately, the Tab S6 Lite is good because it’s simple. Who it’s for: People who want to use their projector in brighter environments. Either you want a star projector for your kids, or for yourself, the list mentioned above has plenty of good options to choose from.

If you look into the list, there are plenty of star projector options available that offer up to 10-15 lighting effects, and a few other options have even more different effects. No doubt, there are several light options in the list that only have single color light, but they still provide amazing lighting effects. Thanks to the signature plastic build and paper-thin peel-off rear cover, the weight is kept to a respectable 135 grams (4.7 ounces) — yes, that’s still 17 grams more than the GS II, but it’s way less than a unibody handset like the Lumia 900, which weighs 160 grams while possessing a smaller display. Unfortunately, there still doesn’t seem to be a Disney app for Malaysia, but there are streaming apps for practically everything else. First of all, when you are out there looking for a star projector, you should check the number of LED lights there and how many colors it can project.

That said, it’s a perfect choice to get both for kids as well as adults, and can be a great choice for a gift as well. Since so many good night light options are available in the market, you can consider this option from HODO Teosky as this is dedicatedly meant for kids who don’t like to sleep in the dark. Moreover, there’s also a DC 5V power input port that can be used to power up this night light. Moreover, if you like aurora lighting and nebula effects, you can easily find a star projector for that in our list also. Apart from that, it has three buttons at the front by which you can select the desired color and lighting effect you want. Those wanting a slightly higher quality projector with less noise may want to look at the Aocosi Star Projector instead. However, if you want to place the projector lamp in the center of the room, you should go for options that are battery-powered. Operating this star ceiling projector won’t give you a hard time, and all the controls are located on the front. One of the most interesting features is that the lights and the laser are music responsive, so it’s a great option for decoration at parties.