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If you can find the Chromebook X2 on sale for $400, it’s a much more compelling buy, but it’s still not the best Chromebook in that price range. There are plenty of designs out there – you can find some lovely designs and options here – so once you’ve chosen the type you want, it’s up to you to stock up on oils you want to sniff as you doze off to sleep. I tried the Bose Sleepbuds II one night when I just couldn’t sleep. Bose Sleepbuds play relaxing sounds to help you drift off to sleep. It seems as though everyone with bad sleep habits has turned to weighted blankets these days. Weighted blankets help with anxiety too. Do you need help with sleep in your house? According to recent studies, over five million Aussies are not getting adequate sleep. The Premiere marks a return to high-end projectors for Samsung, earning the manufacturer five stars in our review for its colorful pictures, high brightness, and fully-fledged Tizen interface (usually saved for new Samsung TVs). Now as the phone arrives at T-Mobile (for $250 with a contract and after a $50 rebate), we’re taking the opportunity to review not just the new variant, but in this case, the latest OS as well.

With May the 4th quickly approaching, laser light show outdoor Anker is getting into the Star Wars spirit a tad early with the announcement today of its latest projector. The latest offering to enter the Nebula collection continues that legacy, but with a design overhaul inspired by a Star Wars icon. Today, we’re taking a hands-on look at the new release, so be sure to head below for all of the details and a closer look at this unique Star Wars collectible. It comes with the star and galaxy projector as well as the option to add some soothing music accessed via Bluetooth. The Luckkid Night Light Star Projector 360-Degree Rotation is a fantastic gift that every kid will definitely like. Like the tall ring light on this list, the AIXPI 10-inch LED Ring Light has three different colors with 10 different brightness levels. Next, we looked at the RayShine Smart Galaxy Light Projector. Bringing the most beloved droid in the galaxy to its popular Nebula projector lineup, its upcoming R2-D2 Capsule II enters with a unique design on top of a notable list of features that let you take movie night just about anywhere. In fact, the hardware this time around isn’t receiving much of an update at all, with the new R2-D2 Edition rocking the same features found on the standard Anker Nebula Capsule II.

On our video rundown test with adaptive refresh rates on, the S21 managed 15 hours and 17 minutes with the same 4,000mAh cell as its predecessor. With the default adaptive mode enabled, it didn’t always render animations at the same speed. It’s hard to tell how effective this is yet — our hands-on showed no significant benefits from having that mode on. Whether it’s DoTERRA, Young Living, Oil Garden, or another brand, there’s plenty to say about the benefits of diffusing essential oils in your home. It’s strictly relaxing, meditation sounds only. It’s so geeky cool and they’re instantly calm which makes for a peaceful night for all of us,” added Lou. Offers a room full of calm to encourage a good night’s sleep. They’re designed specifically for sleep. From the moment she started sleeping with the weighted blanket, Leesa says she felt a great sense of comfort, which in turn helped with a sound sleep at night. Plus, the best nightlights incorporate sound machines that lull kids to sleep. A lot is impacting our nightly rests – the stress of COVID-19 related restrictions, age, our diet, and of course energetic children who just don’t want to snooze all playing a big part in our poor sleep patterns.

The Crescent Moon Hanging Lamp – Don’t like globes? Browse through our collection to choose the Quran speaker moon lamp that packs a Bluetooth speaker that you can pair with your phone to make magic happen! Moon Lamp with Quran Speaker – What’s better than a glowing moon lamp? The Astronaut Moon Lamp – Celebrate our Mars landing with the Astronaut figure that basks in the light of the lovely moon lamp next to it! The crescent moon hanging lamp will light up a crescent in the middle of the room to add a touch of class and attraction to the whole place. The Royal Moon Keychains – Love moon lamps? The Royal Saturn Lamp – Love the planet with the discs around it? The Royal Earth Lamp – We love our home planet more than anything! Choose from the one you love and add a futuristic touch to your table that is bound to turn heads. Royal Moon Lamp can bring that to your table! Take the glowing space shuttle home to make your table top much more fun.