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LG’s versatile CF3D is the world’s first Full HD Single Lens Type 3D Projector featuring an amazing brightness rating of 2,500 ANSI-lumens and a high contrast ratio of 7,000:1. This model also features TruMotion 120Hz for smoother images – a technology previously only seen on flat panel HDTVs. Even Apple’s 16:10 laptops feel significantly more comfortable, to say nothing of the taller 3:2 ratio you’ll find in a smattering of computers these days, like Microsoft’s Surface Laptop and Google’s own Pixelbook. Aesthetics is one of those things that’s hard to define in a review score, even though it’s most likely a big reason we choose one product over another. The IPS panel also translates to some great viewing angles, which is essential for a product that lends itself to reading and video-watching. LG tries. It tries for US relevance, but the company’s product offerings — usually its smartphones — consistently lack the je ne sais quoi necessary to succeed. Meanwhile, the software-based Super Resolution Zoom tries to gauge every tiny shake and wobble of your hands, combining multiple exposures to clarify an image after digitally zooming in. After getting into users’ (and reviewers’) hands, there was a laundry list of bugs and issues, with flashing screens, atrocious call and audio quality, disappearing photos and phantom notches frustrating early adopters.

Other features are just redundant, like Slide Aside, which many users will probably never even know exists. What would have made the G Pad even better is if LG found a way to ape Motorola’s Active Display notifications. But its OS is a fork on Android, so if you want to live in Google’s world, you’ll have to stick with other OEMs. In fact, moving forward, it’s just plain silly for any OEMs to ignore the use of notification previews on sleeping devices. In fact, another Engadget editor made the same remark, unprompted. Its display, at 1,024 x 768, doesn’t pack the same amount of pixels as the G Pad and it runs on Apple’s dual-core A5 chip, but for the price, you’re gaining access to the company’s highly curated App Store. If you’re not up on your LG Android functions, QSlide is the company’s app multitasking function, which allows for a maximum of three apps running on your home screen. Long-pressing the menu key takes you into Google Now, while the same action on the home button will pull up recent apps.

Unless the company just had a bunch of stockpiled qHD panels it was trying to get rid of; that would sort of make sense, given that the Galaxy S4 Zoom also uses the same display. On the S21, if you enable Labs when you’re editing a picture, you can use the new Object Eraser to get rid of unsightly things in the background. Engadget’s rundown test, which entails looping a video at half-brightness with the normal amount of background actions running (i.e., push email, Twitter syncing, WiFi/GPS enabled), places the G Pad at seven hours and 19 minutes. Despite the high level of ambient noise at the time of recording, the device managed to capture the sound of my voice quite clearly, while reducing the background sounds of construction and traffic. Despite its thin profile, the Book Pro 360 offers a decent array of ports. Older Samsung laptops’ power buttons sat alongside the ports on the edges, but the company thankfully moved the Book Pro’s to the top right of the keyboard.

It debuted ten years ago in 2009, and at that point, the only other company making Android handsets was HTC, so it didn’t really have a lot of competition. To that end, the company has mostly succeeded, with the exception of that poor display. Of the bunch, Knock On (which I’ve already detailed), QSlide and QRemote have, arguably, the most utility, though none of these — with the exception of QRemote — works effortlessly. The feature works with cameras capable of USB Video Class (UVC) output (such as, conveniently, Sony’s Alpha camera series), but it’s very much a simple, expansive display for your camera. Samsung (and Apple) might not like it, but it reminds me very much of my Mac setup. If there’s one thing Samsung can do without much effort, it’s make a gorgeous display. But those dings don’t conspire to make the G Pad a bad purchase. Yamaha DTXpress III – Every year thousands of parents make the mistake of buying their kids a drum kit to help them fulfill their aspirations of becoming the next, say, Dave Grohl, or possibly Max Roach (if you’re kid’s especially odd).

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